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How to choose gift baskets to impress the recipients.

29 Mar 24

gift basket


It’s nearing the time of Songkran festivel beside thinking of Water splashing or gently pour water into elder people’s hand as to express their respects and ask for their blessing in return. Somehow for people who live far apart would not very inconvenient but still preferred to send the best regard to them. So another interesting choice is to send a gift baskets with card massage from you.

We will tell you how to choose perfectly match to your recipient. We have devided gift basket into 3 types. 1. flower baskets 2. Gift baskets 3. Fruit baskets which each type have various way to choose.


1. Flower Baskets

Whenever we talking about Flowers most of the people will think its suit ladies but In fact Floral beauty and freshness will touch Gents’s feeling as well. So there is no wonder if we usally see people send flower baskets to Gent Elderly.


flowers basket

Flower Baskets Selection Principle

  • Pollen allergies or allergie of floral scents this will be the most important to think of and will have negative effect after the recipient received the Flowers.

  • Favorite flowers means Vareities and Colour. Some people like flowers in white Some like tulip no matter what colour.It would be very special if we know what they like the most.

  • Avoid dislike flowers This not refers to allergies. Only just don’t like this kind of flowers.

  • Personalized likes Elderly have poor eyesight so we would suggested for bright colour flowers or if the recipient like to Planting tree we would suggested for Orchid or Hyacinth (we can give you an advice and some kind of plant can place nicely in the basket)

2.Gift Baskets Healthy Baskets

Mostly this type of basket would contained eatable stuffs likes Coffee mug put together with coffee and cake for Dad, Kitchen condiments with apron Basket for Mom, Supplement vitamins basket for Grandmom. Commonly gift basket seen in food Baskets , healthy baskets, Snack baskets.

healthy basket

Gift Baskets Healthy baskets Selection Principle

  • Choose from recipient preferances likes mom love to cookso we will pick something to match her. Grandma love thai dessert then we choose dessert basket for her. Dad who is coffee lover so we choose coffee or something to go with coffee.

  • Choose healthy stuff likes Bird’s nest essence basket, chicken’s essence basket or organic basket.

  • Purchase from trustworthy shop Wheather buy and arrange yourself or Readymade basket. Trustworthy shop would provided quality product and reduce other problems.

  • Check expired date Not only pay attention on expired date but you have to think that how long each product will live so the recipient can keep longer.

3. Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets is one thing that can express your care, best wishes and freshness to the recipient. actractive colour and nutrient in fruit basket is a great option for blessing the person you loved.

fruit basket

Fruit baskets Selection Principle

  • Choose from recipient preferances Certainly, that would be better that you surprise them with their favorite.

  • Choose from Health condition Some fruit contain high sugar not appropriate for people with diabetes

  • Choose perfect ripe likes Banana, ripe mango need to allow time for recipient to manage them.

  • Choose from the best This point is very important because in the basket contain a lot of fruits and if one begins rotten that will spoil the whole basket.

These tips from our experiences in arranging many type of baskets for over 20 years. Some tips are common as you know but some of our little tips will be very helpful to make you choose perfect basket for recipient.

However, if you don’t have time to manage yourself. We are here for you to give you an advise and always welcoming you.