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Valentine's Flowers & Gifts Collection 2021

On Valentine's Day, Feb 14, bring that warm fuzzy feeling to your Valentine with beautiful fresh flowers and thoughtful gifts that turn their day into one of love and warmth. Although the prices of roses are more expensive than usual because of higher demand. But there is no better day to make your loved one smile than Valentine's Day.
  • Only Available Here
    Almost of our products are designed in our shop. They are unique and can only be purchased here.
  • Premium Quality
    You don't want anything to go wrong on this day. So we use only high quality materials.
  • Don't Wait. Reserve Now
    Due to limted capacity and quality control, we will stop taking orders when we reach our limit.
The List is Growing

Fresh Flower Arrangements (available throughout Thailand)

"Enduring Love" always love you, never change. Sending a bouquet on this Valentines to your love one. Even away from each other, but love remains the same.


Special Design (Fresh Flowers) (may not available in some areas/5 days advance ordering required)

Red roses bouquet decorated with crown.

Tell her how you feel on this Valentine's day with red roses bouquet decorated with sparkling crown. To let her know that "You are Queen of My Heart"


Holland & English Roses (available in Bangkok & Nonthaburi)

Premium Preserved Roses or Immortal Roses (available throughout Thailand)

Preserved flowers are fresh cut flowers which undergoes a unique preservation process that leave the flowers looking natural and will last for several years. They are premium grade imported from Japan and only available in our shop.

Gifts (available throughout Thailand)

This Valentine's day will be unforgettable. 99 chocolates bouquet is carefully arranged and delivered along with human size teddy bear and will sure to make both of your Valentine'day much more special than others.

Limited Supply

Personalized Balloons (available in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Chonburi/Pattaya)

You can personalize your own wording on the balloons.
  • ฿2,500
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿2,500
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿2,190
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿2,190
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿4,300
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿2,100
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿2,790
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity
  • ฿1,750
    Avail: Bangkok & Vicinity

Jewelry (available throughout Thailand)

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