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Wed, 12 Aug 2020 4:04

Be My Soul

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Approx. Size:
Width: 22 cm. x Length: 26 cm. x Height: 11 cm.
Tell your own style story with the Remix Alphabet Charms. This rose gold-plated letter A charm sparkles beautifully with clear crystal pavé. [You can specify the letter] The easy-to-use, clip-on clasp has been specially designed to fit securely onto any strand or bracelet. You could also attach it to any other Swarovski jewelry piece for a customized look with a special meaning. - The pendent comes with Rhodium necklace.
  • Swarovski rose gold pendant with 38 cm. lenght rodium necklace.
  • 1 Girl doll
  • 1 Boy Doll
  • Decorated with artificial flowers.
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