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Family Basket [E]

This product is no longer available for purchase.
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Approx. Size:
Width: 30 cm. x Length: 35 cm. x Height: 50 cm.

This basket contains:

  • Sweet Potato Chips Caramel Flavour (Party Brand) 120 g.
  • Fruit Juice (Chaba Brand) 1 l.
  • Sugar (Wangkanai Brand) 320 g. (8 g. x 40 sachets)
  • Wafers (Bissin Brand) 100 g.
  • Big Roll Crispy Grilled Seaweed (Taokaenoi Brand) 27 g.
  • Cream Wafers (Redondo band) 150 g.
  • Creamer Low Fat Box (Coffeemate Brand) 400 g.
  • Rice krispies cereal (Kellogg's Brand) 130 g.
  • Blend Instant Coffee (Nescafe Gold Brand) 82 g. (20.5 g. x 4 sachets)


  • Basket/container may vary slightly.
  • If a particular item is unavailable, we will substitute with equal or greater value item.
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