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Shining Splendor

This product is no longer available for purchase.
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Approx. Size:
Height: 40 cm. x Length 30 cm.
This basket contains:
  • China Oolong Tea (Brand's SEN) 40 g. (2 g. x 20 sachets) 
  • Camillia Oleifera Seed Oil (Brand's PatPat) 250 ml.
  • Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Premix Coffee Power with Finely Ground (Brand's Nescafe) 82 g. (20.5 g. x 4 sachets) 
  • Ovaltine Swiss Rich Ready Mixed Malt Beverage Chocolate Flavour (Brand's Ovaltine) 148 g. (29.6g. x 5 sachets)
  • Germinated Brown Rice Drink (Brand's Doi Kham) 250 ml.
  • Sai Nam Phueng Orange juice 100% (Brand's Tipco) 1ltr.
  • Corn Flakes Toasted Flakes of Corn Breakfast Cereal Made with Whole Grain (Brand's Nestlé) 150 g.
  • Toppy One Cheese Cupcakes 6pcs (Brand's Topcake) 210 g.


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  • If a particular item is unavailable, we will substitute with equal or greater value item.
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