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Sat, 18 May 2024 10:57

How to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Longer

20 Apr 23

When we receive flowers, of course, we would like to keep them beautiful for a long time. By the way, they may only stay a few days. Moreover, Thailand's hot weather can make them even shorter. Here are some tips to keep fresh cut flowers longer:



1. If you get a bouquet, unpack it and prepare to put it in a vase. Before that, do not forget to make sure a vase is clean. Change the water every day, keeping it fresh and clean. A wide-mouth vase is more recommended than a narrow-mouth one. Which prevent the flowers from being damaged by crashing.



2. Cut the stems 45-degree angle could increase the stem surface's ability to absorb more water. You should trim it every time you change the water. Putting stems into warm water to rinse tree resin can help them absorb water better. Also remove leaves from the water level; the leaves will make bacteria in the water grow faster.



3. Adding flower food

  • Pour soft drinks into the water; sugar and soda are sources of flower food, keeping them fresh.
  • Add grinded aspirin to the water; aspirin will reduce the flowers’ transpiration.
  • Add bleach (just 2-3 drops) or dishwashing liquid to prevent bacterial growth.



There are some tips that you can try at home. Let’s keep the beautiful flowers stay with your place longer.