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DIY Bow Making With Ribbon For Gift Basket

27 Apr 23

Ribbon has a variety of materials for different uses. It can be tied into a bow in many ways to match your gifts or other works.

Today we will show some samples of how to make a bow for a bouquet and a bow for a gift basket.


The sample video is from our YouTube channel. Please come take a look and subscribe. We will share some gift ideas and DIY content.Bloom DIY by Flowers2Thailand

Let’s start, this bow is most commonly used with a bouquet but can be applied to a basket as well. 

Prepare a ribbon with small wire crafts to tie them when finished. (If you do not have wire craft, you can use foil or metallic twist ties (similar to bread bag ties) instead.

Follow a step in the video. It might be tough for a beginner, but after a little practice, it will sure be nice.



Bonus.. ^_^ Another one with this little bow for a small gift box, or it can be attached with a hair clip.


It’s not too hard; you just need a little practice. Choose a ribbon that matches the usage; it will make your gift more interesting.