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Knowledge & Stories of Roses

19 Dec 23

Knowledge & Stories of Roses

Everyone knows that “rose” is the name of a flower. By the way, roses have their own stories in many parts, which you may have never heard before. Let’s get to know more about roses together. 

Origin of roses

- In history

- In myth

Why are roses called "roses"?

Meaning of rose colours

Meaning of Number of Roses



Get to know “Rose Plant”


The scientific name of the rose is Rosa spp. It’s a flowering plant in the “Rosaceae” family. Native species are found in Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Rose plants can be a small shrub, climbing plant, or deciduous plant. Growing long last many years. The size ranges from 20 to 300 cm in height. The stem mostly has sharp prickles, but some species do not. The young stem is green and will turn brown when older. The leaves are dark green, the edges of the leaves are serrated. They have a variety of petals colour and beautiful fragrant. Blomming in every seasons all year.


Origin of roses

-In history

Roses have been cultivated from 70 million years ago. There were rose fossil found in United States. Which their appearance are different from present roses. They were wild roses, and then humans bred them into many more breeds later.

By history, wild rose had been plant in a palace of the Han Dynasty. In Egypt, people grew roses as a flowering plant to sold to the Romans. Roses were the Roman’s favorite flowers. There’s a large garden to grow roses in Roman, yet people buying from Egypt too. They believe that roses is a symbol of love, being a gift, welcoming a guest, be used in a ceremony decoration and being an ingredient of sweets, wine and medicine as well.

In Thailand, there’s no physical reference about the era origin of rose. By the way, regarding to Simon de la Loubère’s note (French ambassador during the reign of King Narai the Great) The note said he saw roses in Ayutthaya.


- In Myth

There are a lots of stories of rose from the myth. The most well known one is from Greek. Which said that the rose is a symbol of The Birth of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. Venus also known as Aphrodite. Her tears dropped into Adonis’s blood, her lover whom were killed by wild boar. Tears and blood mixed and fell on the ground. A dark red flower grew on the spot. It’s a rose.

Another one said, a roses grew from where Aphrodite's blood dropped when she injured herself with a thorn.

In Thailand, a literature written by the King Rama 6 named "Madanapatha" (The Romance of a Rose). The story refer to a fairy named Madana, whom been cursed into a rose by a male deity who fall for her, but Madana doesn't feel the same.This story is a beginning of rose myth in Thailand.



Why are roses called "roses"?

Rose is an English word that almost everyone knows. This word is from Greek language "Rhodon" means "Rose"


Meaning of rose colours

The rose is an attractive flower. It has many species, different appearance and also various colour. The different colour bring the difference meaning. Let’s see their meaning which can give you an idea choosing for the recipient.



Red represent love, romance, passion, strong bond love

Pink represent happy love, sweetness, tenderness, affection, admiration

White represent pure love, sincereness, eternal love, a new beginning

Yellow represent love by your side, warmness, feel anxious, friendship, joy

Orange represent passionate love, activeness, admiration, proud, excitement

Purple represent love at first sight, expectation in a relationship

Blue this color is not a natural, it’s modified by human which represent mystery, unique, you’re a wonderful person

Black represent hope, confidence, growing up to new thing




Meaning of Number of Roses

When you send a bouquet, you may have the number that mean to you; such as the number of year anniversary, birthday. However, the number of roses also has a meaning itself. Let’s see some sample of number meaning.

1 rose = love at first sight

2 roses = love expression

3 roses = I love you

5 roses = caring of you

7 roses = enchanted to you

9 roses = we will love each other forever

10 roses = you’re the best, you’re perfect

13 roses = friendship / best friend

15 roses = apologize / I’m sorry

20 roses = sincere to you

25 roses = wishing you the best

30 roses = faithful honest

40 roses = true love for you

50 roses = unconditional love

99 roses = love you till the end of my life

100 roses = love you all my heart and soul

101 roses = love only you

999 roses = my love will last till the end of time.

9,999 roses = love you eternity


It makes no difference whether you choose a rose for its meaning or for its beauty. Because all of that comes from your love for the receiver. I wish your receiver received your rose full of love as well.