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Most Flowers Species Arrangement

5 Apr 23


When you see someone with a flower bouquet, they would be beautiful flowers that we have seen before. However, do you know their name or specie?

Today we will introduce you to some of the flowers that are usually found in every flower shop.


Roses are probably available in every flower shop. The classic one can be found often and on almost every occasion, but most often in a romantic way. There are many colors and various species. If you need to send a flower but have no idea what kind, a rose might be the safest option.




Even though it is only available for a limited time or season, but with a bright color, a large size, and ideal for staying cool in hot weather. That’s made sunflowers will always be an option in every flower shop if they can find them. Sunflowers are traditionally represented in celebration or congrats occasions. Plus the fact that sunflowers always face the sun. It's also a good connotation for the recipient as well.



Gerbera secretly resembles a miniature sunflower. Though the smaller size has more colors. Gerbera can grow in all seasons, inexpensive, and is suitable for many occasions. It is also a must-have option in a flower shop. Arrange them in any bouquet or vase to brighten them up.




Romantic, elegant, and unique. Lily has a distinctive fragrance that is quite diffuse. (By the way, their scent might be too strong for some people and may cause an allergic reaction as well.) Though lilies have rather delicate petals, they are popular flowers because they make your bouquet or vase look more special.




Carnations have layers of petals, making them look cute just like a ballerina's skirt. A great deal of color but no scent. Fully blooming carnations are a good choice for decoration, making bouquets and vases softer and more tender.





Hydrangea have a round-shaped bush that is assorted by little petal limbs together. It has multiple colors, but the most available will be blue. Hydrangeas give off an adorable and exquisite vibe. They are not fans of hot weather like Thailand and need specific care because they require a lot of water. Some flower shops may not have them in stock.





Gypsophila, also known as Baby's Breath, A tiny, cute flower in white represents naive and purity. Mostly, it will be decorated in a bouquet or a vase to give it a nice, complete look. However, some people prefer only Gypsophila bouquets, which reveal a chic and fluffy vibe.





Winter flower that is not really into Thailand's hot weather. Still a popular one because of the tulip's luxurious, special, and cherishable look. It also comes in many colors. Tulips in Thailand are quite expensive and require extra-special care. Normally, most flower shops will import tulips only once or twice a week. If you need them, please check in advance, which would be an advantage.




How many do you know? ^_^

There are other species of flowers available in a flower shop as well. Just choose the color you prefer, the occasion to use it, or the meaning of the flower language. Or you can ask the florist; they would be happy to assist.

Despite the fact that each flower is unique and requires a different level of care. Every flower has its own beauty... just like LOVE...